My top 3 hidden gems in Madrid

I visited Madrid very often when my boyfriend used to live there. Madrid offers countless cool cafes and many amazing rooftop bars. Some of them are not easy to find, if you don´t know about them. I discovered a few real gems over time that I want to share with you. Here are my 3 favourite hidden gems in Madrid that you should try if you are in town.

My top 3 hidden gems in Madrid

My #1 of hidden gems in Madrid: Café del Jardín

Café del Jardin is a tiny cute cafe hidden in the Museum of Romanticism (Website). The museum is located in the heart of Malasaña, close to the metro station Tribunal. First after you enter the massive wooden door of the museum, turn left and then pass the the gift shop. Afterwards you will enter the Café del Jardin, my favourite of the hidden gems in Madrid. There is no need to pay the museum entrance to get to the cafe. I have never actually visited the museum itself. It might be worth to see it.

The garden of Café del Jardin

The Café del Jardin is equipped with a few tables and romantic interior such as golden mirrors, chandeliers, adorned porcelain and rose colored tablecloths. Yes, very girlish ;)! The real highlight is the garden outside. A green and quiet oasis in the middle of the hectic city center. I really love this place. It´s the perfect spot to read a book or simply to rest after visiting the city and to gain some new energy over a coffee and cake. Remember, that Madrid get´s very hot in summer (> 35 degrees is normal) and you will appreciate the shade at the garden of Café del Jardin.

There is a fountain in the middle of the courtyard, benches, lots of lovely flowers and ivy climbing up the walls. I always feel really relaxed here, which is why I come back any time I´m in Madrid :).

My #2 of hidden gems in Madrid: El Jardin de SB

El Jardin de SB (Website) is located on the last floor of the Salvador Bachiller shop on Calle de la Montera (close to Gran Via). I read about this rooftop cafe in a Blog article and was curious. When I entered the shop I couldn´t believe there would be a cafe on top of it. If you don´t know about the cafe, you would never guess. Take the escalator to go up and watch the pretty shop in the meantime.

The terrace is not really big, which is why it can be hard to get a free table. Be sure to ask at the reception first (in front of the entrance), afterwards you will be seated.


There are flowers everywhere and you feel like in a green oasis. All the cute accessories that are used in the cafe (dishes, glasses, cups, bowls, the sweet little bags formed as tea cups that are used to hide the check, the colorful cases of the menu …) can be bought at the Salvador Bachiller shop. I think it´s nice to get to try them and find some inspirations. The little turtle bowl is so adorable :).

I haven´t tried the food here, only drinks and sweets. However, El Jardin de SB offers a brunch that is served daily from 11:00 am – 13:00 pm.

All the drinks and snacks are decorated very nicely (for example with flowers). My straw was holding a paper that was saying “You look really good today”. Haha, I love these little details.

Even after a while you will still discover new things, such as the bathtub that is used as table, a tree that is planted in the middle, a swinging seat or the jungle wall papers. So much to see! El Jardin de SB is little paradise with a relaxed atmosphere. I think it´s a great place for a date.

My #3 of hidden gems in Madrid: Gymage Lounge Resort

The Gymage Lounge Resort (Website) is a rooftop terrace in the center of Madrid. The bar is part of a resort complex, that houses a gym, a shop, a hairdresser, a theatre, a restaurant and even a boutique hotel. Unbelievable, what you can fit in one place :)!

This hidden gem in Madrid is not such a big secret to be honest (at least not for locals) but I still want to mention it since it´s my favourite rooftop bar in Madrid.

Once you get in (at the weekends there can be a queue and it can take ages), you will have a fantastic view over Madrid´s roofs. The bar is really stylish with white lounge furniture and people dress up here.

The best spot is the upper level, where you can find a little “pool”. Actually it´s not really a pool, not for swimming at least. But you can step in with your naked feet, enjoy an ice-cold Mojito, watch people and (if you are lucky) see an amazing sunset. Especially when it´s so hot in summer, this really is paradise. I cannot imagine a better place to be. Ahhhh, I want a Mojito NOW :)!

Gymage Lounge Resort

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