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    People always ask me: “Hey Steffi, where can I go for a nice dinner?” “Which places should I visit in Madrid?” “I am meeting a friend later. Can you recommend a cafe?” “I need a cool hotel in Vienna. Do you know one?”.

  • Hi, I am Steffi. Welcome to my blog myfaves! I am 34, B2B Field Marketer, a happy mum and spare time blogger by heart. My home base is Berlin Mitte since 3 years. I also lived 7 years in Cologne and 5 years in Hamburg.

    I have to admit, I am a travel addict! It´s my passion to explore new places. If you ask my friends, they would say I am crazy about it and probably that´s true. I can´t help it, I just love to travel and I am taking any chance to do it.

    So far I visited 70 countries. Beside that, I also visited all the 46 European capitals. This was my personal bucket list challenge before getting 30. Read more about my 30-goal here.

    I am the walking travel dictionary for my friends, colleagues and everyone that knows me. My friend Dominika told me for more than 2 years that I should write a blog about my experiences and the places that I like. Actually, it was always a dream for me to write (although I was more thinking of a book). I didn´t have any blog knowledge and I was not sure how to do it, where to start. At the end of last year I finally decided “Ok, why not? At least try!”. That´s when I started to learn about blogging and to get into the topic. Now it´s been a few months already with myfaves and I am using every free minute to work on it.

    If I am not working, travelling or writing the blog, I love to discover my own city Berlin. There are so many cute cafes, cool restaurants and bars. I am not getting tired of trying unique places. I am not a fan of the average. For this reason, a part of my blog is reserved for my favourite places in Berlin.

    I am dedicating myfaves to the curious and like-minded people. My mission is to share my treasures and favorite spots with you. Let me know how you like it, I am happy about any feedback.

    Enjoy exploring!

    Stefanie Pacelli