Bar Raval – Best tapas outside Spain in Berlin Kreuzberg

I am really spoiled when it comes to Spanish food. My boyfriend lived in Spain when we first met and his family still lives in Spain. I have been a regular visitor and tried a lot of good food. In Germany I have been always disappointed about Spanish restaurants ever since. The quality of the food was just not the same. I am big tortilla fan (the Spanish omelette made of fried potatoes, onions and eggs) and I never tried a good one here. The tortilla was always super dry and not convincing at all. At some point I stopped going to Spanish restaurants. That changed when my dear friend Sonja recommended me Bar Raval and convinced me to give it a try.

Bar Raval

Bar Raval (Website) is a tapas restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg, owned by the well-known German actor Daniel Brühl. He is born in Barcelona (his mother is Spanish, the father German). Probably he couldn´t find a good tortilla either and that´s why he opened his own restaurant ;). You can make a reservation with the App Quandoo (it´s only a few clicks and you don´t need to call). Make sure to reserve a few days in advance.


Bar Raval is located at Görlitzer Park. Not the best area of Berlin, especially when it´s dark. But hey: No risk, no fun! The decoration at Bar Raval is simple: Wooden tables, warm colors, a few pictures, nothing pretentious. The focus here is on the food (and that´s good!)


The tapas are great and it tastes likes Spain! Finally! I came back to Bar Raval many times already. They have one of my favourite dishes as well: grilled octopus slices served with potatoes and covered in olive oil (in Spain it´s called “Octopus a la Gallega”). It tastes almost same good as in Spain. I can recommend the Patatas Bravas for sure. They are served with a spicy tomato mayo. Albondigas (meat balls in a tomato sauce) are very good as well. Actually everything is really delicious at Bar Raval. BUT honestly (sorry Daniel Brühl!) – the tortilla is not my favourite (also too dry). You cannot have it all, right? Good for me that my boyfriend is doing the best tortilla in the world and it doesn´t look like he will get competition soon ;).

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The only Spanish restaurant outside Spain that satisfies my soul :). Try the octopus and patatas Bravas. If you are lucky you can spot German actor Daniel Brühl, the owner.

— Stefanie Köbke
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