Bekarei – My favourite breakfast spot in Berlin

Breakfast is the most important meal for me. Especially on the weekend I like to celebrate a long and extensive breakfast. As you know I love to try new cafes but with my breakfast I am a little picky. I don´t like to do compromises when it comes to the start of my day. Bekarei is my favourite breakfast spot in Berlin and I cannot imagine a weekend without having a “Portuguese Breakfast” which consists of a Galão (Portuguese style coffee) and a Tosta Mista (a grilled cheese & ham sandwich).


Bekarei (Website) is a charming bakery located in Prenzlauer Berg. The interior looks like back from the 70ies with retro furniture and decoration. When I enter Bekarei it feels like home for me. The staff knows me and is super nice, always smiling and friendly. They never get stressed (or at least they don´t let you feel it) even if there is a long queue.

It´s such a good feeling to have a place in this huge city where people actually recognize you and also ask “Hey! You haven´t been here in a while. How are you?” That´s not normal in Berlin and I enjoy the familial atmosphere.

What I also like about Bekarei is that you don´t need to do a reservation. You just go, queue, order and grab a table (inside or outside). The crowd is normal and not too hipster 😉 with a lot of kids as well. I love to see the excited eyes of the little ones when they are standing in front of the sales counter and pointing with a finger to one of the delicious pastries.

Breakfast, pastries and cakes

I normally always order the same for breakfast (and the staff also knows that already): The “Portuguese Breakfast” with an extra egg (boiled or fried). The Pastel de nata, the famous Portuguese vanilla pudding filled pastries, definitely are the best in town. Another favourite of mine are the mini Berliners that are coated in sugar and filled with vanilla cream. The cheesecakes are to die for and it´s hard to choose between all the different options. Actually everything is good here and it´s all homemade with love. You can really taste that. Prices are cheap for the quality that you get (the “Portuguese Breakfast” is only 5,1€).

I first came across Bekarei during my first 2 months living in Berlin. I bought Luups (a book with 2:1 vouchers for Berlin) to discover the city and there was a voucher for 2:1Galão. It was love at first sight and I am coming here every weekend (if I am in Berlin) since then.


mini Berliner & Galão


The little sister of Bekarei is the cute Pastel in Berlin Kreuzberg (Wrangelkiez). The small shop sells Bekarei´s bestseller the Pastel de Nata. The vintage decoration is lovely with an eye for details. There is a red retro dial telephone hanging on the wall, a show case for the Pastel de Nata, old flower vases and lamps and a sign in the window that is using Scrabble letters that are saying (in Portuguese!) “Bem vindo ao Pastel!” – “Welcome to Pastel!”. Inside the shop there are only a 2 or 3 chairs and you can sit by the window. Outside there is more space with a red bench and stools. I love the cute light blue front of Pastel.

You can eat the Pastel de Nata on site or you can also take them home in a paper box. My tip: Add a little bit of cinnamon on your Pastel de Nata, so good!


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No weekend in Berlin without Bekarei! It´s my favourite breakfast place ever. I love the friendly atmosphere where the staff is always super nice and smiling. My regular order is the "Portuguese Breakfast" that consists a Galão (Portuguese style coffee) and a Tosta Mista (a grilled cheese & ham sandwich). Their Pastel de nata are the best in town. In Kreuzberg you can find the cute little sister of Bekarai: Pastel.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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