A cosy gem in Berlin Wedding - Café Dujardin

I discovered this cutie in Wedding last week and shortly after came again. Oh I am in love with Café Dujardin! It has so much charm that I would like to live around the corner so I can come here every night and say hi to the waiters that would know my name.

Cafe Dujardin

Café Dujardin (Website) is decorated with dim lights, candles and a lovely retro interior (retro schnapps glasses are used as candleholders). The backround music is a mixture of old retro classics and indie music, nice selection! The cafe is not crowded and has a very special warm and cosy atmosphere. The waiters are all in their 20ies/30ies and have the typical rough charm of real Berliners.

I didn´t try any food but I saw in the menu they have “Bouletten” – the Berlin style meatballs (that I love!!) with bread & butter – for sure I will try those and let you know!

What is a “Fuck You” drink?

When I came back last Friday with two friends to Café Dujardin we decided to try the “Fuck You” drink, a hot pear juice with ginger (haha I wonder why they chosed that name?!) and we shared a yummy carrot cake (the waitress suggested it as “the best carrot cake in Berlin”. Definitely the carrot cake was reallllyyy good, the icing was especially delicious. Not sure though if it really is the best carrot cake in all Berlin ;), but we had to try. While talking we had fun watching some couples dancing in the bigger, separate room (it was dance night and people were dressed up in a retro way).

I saw they also have cinema nights on Tuesdays with black&white or art movies. I signed up for the newsletter to get informed about the program and events (Jazz, dance nights…).

It will not be my last time here. Maybe I should starting checking on flats around…

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The perfect cosy & quiet place for reading a book, spending a whole night talking with your friends without noticing the time is passing or enjoying a homemade snack.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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