Café Einstein Stammhaus – Viennese Charm in Berlin Schöneberg

Vienna is one of my favorite cities (I promise I will write more about Vienna and my favorite spots soon) and I love the coffeehouse culture. People sit in cafes to read the newspaper, chat with friends, drink a good coffee or to have a piece of cake (and in some people still smoke!!). In Berlin I was  missing this Viennese retro charm. Finally I found now the Viennese-style Café Einstein Stammhaus (Website).

Café Einstein Stammhaus

Café Einstein Stammhaus is located in Schöneberg, close to the metro stop Nollendorfplatz. The cafe is housed in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance villa that especially at night when it is illuminated looks really elegant. Inside there is plenty of space. The design is typical Viennese with high ceilings adorned with ornaments, old lamps and bistro chairs & tables. The waiters are wearing the classic uniform with black pants, vest, white shirt and tie (a must!). Oh yes, it feels like Vienna!

I still needed to try the cakes and the Viennese coffee to compare with the original. I decided for a beautiful passionfruit tarte and a cappuchino. It was a tough decision because there were so many other good looking pastries. Also the apple strudel looked extremley promising.The tarte was delicious: fruity, creamy and high quality. The cappuchino was decent as well.

Café Einstein Stammhaus also has a lot of breakfast options that might be worth to try.

All in all – yes it really is an authentic Viennese coffeehouse and the place to go if you are missing Vienna.

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If you like Viennese atmosphere and good cake you will like Café Einstein Stammhaus. Only down part is that it is a bit pricey (authentic Viennese ;).

— Stefanie Pacelli
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