Engelbecken – The perfect Xmas dinner in Berlin Charlottenburg

Since I am travelling to Cuba this Christmas I wanted to have a nice typical German Christmas dinner with duck before leaving. I am not the best cook so I checked for a restaurant and found Engelbecken in Charlottenburg that offered a special Christmas menu.


Engelbecken (Website) is located at the corner of beautiful Lietzensee, a nice spot in summer. The design of the restaurant is rustic with a nice warm touch – not too much accessories but still enough to make you feel very comfortable and cosy. When arriving to the restaurant it was packed and a bigger group was celebrating the 60th birthday of one guy. Later on the group was singing for him and showing some very funny retro 70ies pictures on a projector. It felt like the whole restaurant was celebrating together.

My boyfriend and me ordered a half duck with two different kind of dumplings, red cabbage, brown sauce and a secret side dish (made from the owner himself) – chestnuts with apples and some mysterious ingredients. The duck was served on a big plate and looked mouth-watering. We didn´t get disappointed. The meat was so soft and the skin super crispy – just perfect. Usually I am not a big fan of dumplings, but these ones were very good. We didn´t leave any left overs. Sooooo good!! Also the price was more than fair – 17€ per person for the duck.

We finished the dinner with a Christmas dessert, chocolate mousse with pear and cinnamon icecream. Nothing to add, it was just delicious.

I saw on another plate a very good looking schnitzel. For sure I will come back to Engelbecken and try it :).

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This is a great place for a typical German Christmas dinner with probably the best duck I have ever tried.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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