Figlmüller Vienna – The best Schnitzel in the world

You love Schnitzel as much as I do? Then Figlmüller is a MUST. I have tried many Schnitzel restaurants in Germany and all over the world. But there is nothing like Figlmüller. Every other Schnitzel after this experience will make you cry ;).


Figlmüller (Website) is a Vienniese traditional restaurant and it´s famous Schnitzels are served since 1905. There are 2 branches, one in the street “Wollzeile” and one at “Bäckerstrasse”. They have the same quality (I have tried both) but my favourite is the one in Wollzeile because the atmosphere is more cosy.

The Schnitzel

My suggestion is the “Figlmüller-Schnitzel” (pork meat) and the potato-field salad with Styrian pumpkin seed oil. I always order the same dish and probably will never change that. The Schnitzel is so huge that it doesn´t fit on the plate. I know people that developed their own strategy on how to eat the Schnitzel (one is to fold it like a sandwich hahaha). It is also very thin and has a perfect and super crispy breadcrumb coating. The potato-field salad is a highlight as well. I have tried to copy it at home, but I am not getting even close to Figlmüller´s ;).

Figlmüller is very well known, not only in Vienna. When you arrive to the airport you will be welcomed already with huge advertisements of their famous Schnitzel. Therefore be sure to make a reservation at least one month or more in advance or directly if you booking your flight to Vienna.

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The king of the Schnitzel´s. If you are into Schnitzel, this is THE place. If you are in Vienna you can maybe miss to see some of the sights, but you can´t miss to try Figlmüller.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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