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I love fries. There is nothing I can do! But there are huge differences in the quality and taste of fries. Even though you can get them in almost every place, it´s hard to find really good ones! When I lived in Cologne I used to go 3-4 times per year to Brussels and ate amazing fries every time. Belgian fries are considered to be the best in the world (and I agree with that)! The secret is the oil (usually beef fat/oil is used) and that the fries are fried twice. Coming back to the actual topic: A few weeks ago I read about a new place that opened in Kreuzberg: Goldies – a bistro for gourmet fries with creative toppings. Hell, I needed to try that!

Goldies – a stylish fries heaven with personality

Goldies (Website) is located on bustling Oranienstraße in Berlin Kreuzberg and opened only 3 months ago. It doesn´t look like the typical fries bistro (and also doesn´t smell like it). Instead you will find a cool atmosphere with wooden furniture, yellow neon lights, art, a disco ball and even a palm! Who would have guessed that? It reminded me a little bit of one of the stylish places that I love so much in Tel Aviv. 

The owners Kajo and Vladi are super friendly, always take the time to welcome their guests and to explain the menu. You can really feel their passion for what they are doing. It´s all about the first impression, isn´t it? And these guys really convince you within seconds. Me and my boyfriend decided to go for the “Summer Truffle” fries, the “Alsace” fries (German: “Elsässer Art) and the “Persian Summer Salad”.

Let´s talk about the fries

We first tried the “Persian Summer Salad” which is a watermelon salad that is prepared with roasted almonds, mint and fantastic cheese. I really freaked out when I tried it!! Sooooo gooood!! I have made watermelon salad my self many times, but it never even got close to this one. The taste was so fresh and mouth watering. Especially the roasted almonds and the cheese turned this simple salad into an absolute highlight.

The “Summer Truffle” fries are served with fresh sliced truffle (!!!!) and homemade truffle mayo. I have tried other truffle fries before since I am crazy about truffle, but the Goldies ones are playing in a completely different league. The fries are just perfect, hand cutted, 2x times fried, and with the right crispness.  For me they couldn´t have done it any better.

The “Alsace” fries convinced me as well. They are served with a creamy sauce that contains onions, bacon and herbs. It´s a really heavy dish, but super tasty!

Kajo and Vladi

When finishing the feast I had to say something to the guys about how amazed I felt about this meal. After congratulating them and telling them how thrilled I was, Vladi explained me a little more about Goldies and how they got the idea of opening a fries place. Both of them cooked in starred top restaurants before. Kajo is from Berlin Kreuzberg and Vladi is Ukrainian. They wanted to open something together in Berlin but not another fancy restaurant. It had to be something new that didn´t exist in Berlin yet. That´s how they came up with the fries and toppings since they felt that there is no really good restaurant that is specialized in fries yet.

The secret of perfect fries

Kajo and Vladi did their homework well and learned all the secrets about how to make the perfect fries. Their ambition is to become the best fries place in Berlin! They travelled to Beglium and Holland and ate up to 6 times fries per day! That is dedication! At Goldies they use the same fries machine than the one that is used by the best fries place in the world. Of course I had to ask which one is that!? Vladi told me that Kajo and him agreed on Maison Antoine in Brussels. I have been there too during one of my Brussels trips and yes it is amazing! Maison Antoine doesn´t do their sauces homemade though. Definitely a plus point for Goldies: Kajo and Vladi do everything homemade and only use high quality products.

The Goldies fries are also fried 2 times but with vegan oil. For all meat dished the fries are fried with beef oil just like the Belgian ones. Vladi told me that the beef oil version is harder to digest, but the taste is better. His mission is to make Berliners familiar with them slowly :).


I am eating out a lot and I love to try all kind of food while travelling too. But it doesn´t happen so often that I get completely surprised by taste. I am sure you know this moment when you try the first little bit of a dish and it´s so good that you have to close your eyes and indulge into the sensation of perfection. Goldies definitely is that kind of place!

If I compare Maison Antoine and Goldies now, the winner by heart is Goldies! Not only for their fries but also for their excellent service and the cool place!

Btw, Vladi told me that there are new toppings coming soon such as 4 hours slowly cooked rips or roasted chicken. It looks like I have to visit again soon :)!


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Goldies definitely earns a 10 for their premium fries with super creative toppings. My favourites were the truffle fries that are served with fresh summer truffle and homemade truffle mayo. The watermelon salad is to die for too (it comes with roasted almonds, mint and an amazing cheese). I want to try the whole menu up and down, seriously! The owners Kajo and Vladi really make you feel home and are happy to explain every little detail. The prices are super fair (the fries with toppings start at ~5€ - 10€). Goldies deserves to be loved!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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