Café Haferkater – The perfect porridge in Berlin Friedrichshain

I finally got to try Haferkater after reading about it a couple of times. Haferkater (Website) is located in Friedrichshain and is a really small but lovely cafe (only 3-4 tables). You can also get their porridge as take-away. I read the pop-up cafe opened up again at Berlin Central Station (they tested it already in summer for a couple of months).

The Porridge at Haferkater

Everything at Haferkater is homemade and organic. The staff is very nice, polite and friendly and could be one of my friends ;). Now coming to the most important: The porridge and how it tastes :). I decided to try the “Apfelkater” (German = Apple Porridge) which contains roasted walnuts, homemade apple sauce & cinnamon. Mmmmmm – it was so delicious! One of the best – if not the best – porridge I´ve ever had. Much better than the ones I do for myself to be honest. I will definitely be back (I would like to try the Chocolate Porridge) and will also try the take-away for my next train trip from Berlin Central Station.

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The porridge is so flavorful! And the best: It´s healthy as well. Prices are really cheap (3€ - 3,8€ for a bowl of porridge). I will come back!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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