Horchateria Daniel – The best Horchata in Valencia

Horchata de Chufa (also called Orxata) is a popular soft drink from Valencia. The ingredients are tigernuts (Chufa), water and sugar. Horchata looks similar to almond milk, but it has it´s own special and sweet taste. It´s one of my favourite drinks ever especially on a hot summer day in Valencia (but also throughout the whole year). My favourite place ever is Horchateria Daniel!Unfortunately you can only get the fresh Horchata in Valencia. You can buy it packaged in the supermarkets as well, but outside Valencia it´s already hard to find it. I wish I could find Horchata in Berlin!


You can find many specialized cafe´s, so called Horchaterias, in Valencia. These Horchaterias prepare it fresh and serve it cold. You can order Horchata in 3 variations: liquid, medium-iced or fully-iced, my favourite is medium-iced. To do it the Spanish way, you need to order a few “Fartones” with your Horchata. Fartones are sweet fluffy pastry sticks, glazed with sugar. Before eating, you have to dip them inside the Horchata, so they soak up the liquid. Heavenly :)!

Horchateria Daniel

The most famous Horchateria (and by far the best!) is the legendary Horchateria Daniel (Website). Horchateria Daniel has a long tradition and history with many well-known frequent guests such as Salvador Dali. The Horchata at Daniel is a day and night difference to all the others that I tried. Be aware that during the winter months (December and January) Daniel is closed. My suggestion is to come here after dinner and take a Horchata as a dessert and as a perfect ending of a great night.

Horchateria Daniel

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You cannot leave Valencia without tasting Horchata! Horchateria Daniel serves the best one... even Salvador Dali used to come here very often! Don´t forget to order Fartones as a side for the full experience. Be prepared to get addicted :)!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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  • Eduardo Freitas

    February 12, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Steffi - this is one of my favorites drinks :) Will check it out next time I am there! Keep up this awesome blog!

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