Kastanientörtchen – Design your own cake in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

One of my hobbies is to try new cafe in Berlin. Why should I always go to the same places if there are so many interesting ones to discover? I have never been a Starbucks fan. My preferences are individual, special cafes. Recently, I read about the cafe Kastanientörtchen where you can design your own little cake. Sounds great, right? Let me tell you how it works.


Kastanientörtchen (Facebook) is a new cutie in Prenzlauer Berg, located on Kastanienallee. You have to enter a shop with canvas paintings first and you will then find the cafe to your right.


The cafe has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Especially because of the likeable young owners, the couple Anne and Paul. They really make you feel at home.

Kastanientörtchen is the perfect place for a chat with friends or your mother over coffee and cake. It can be a great choice also, if you have visitors in town that you want to take out to a special place. Kastanientörtchen definitely is a unique place!

The interior is lovely with so many things to look at: A huge chandelier that rays the room with warm inviting light, there are different vintage wooden kitchen tables and chairs, empty golden frames hanging on the wall, flowers, old porcelain and a blackboard. Funny thing is that you can buy almost all of the interior (for example the beautiful collector’s cups).


Design your own cake

So, how does it actually work to “build your own cake”? There are 4 easy steps.

1. Size

First you have to choose the size of your little cake between S (one layer), M (2 layers) or L (3 layers). I decided for the M size.

2. Layers

Now you have to first select the 2 cake layers. There are many options such as brownie, carrot, nuts, vanilla/poppy seed, … Brownie and nuts seemed to be a great combination for me, so I took that.

3. Creams

Afterwards you have to pick 2 creams. That is a difficult decision, honestly! All of them sounded delicious! The options are cheesecake, chocolate, lemon & yoghurt, raspberry and lots of others. Be careful because the cream has to fit to your cake layers as well. My selection was chocolate and lemon & yoghurt.

4. Toppings

As a final step you have to decide for the topping which can be fruits, nuts and/or sprinkles. I only took chocolate sprinkles. Enough is enough :).

The main picture of this articles is showing my friend´s cake (that looked so much prettier than mine ;). She also picked the M size with chocolate & raspberry cream (and same cake layers), banana and nuts topping.

Sooooo, after building our cakes we could finally try it. Amazing!! It is a real bomb though, hahaha. But so much worth every bite.

You can get a stamp card from Kastanientörtchen. If you collect 10 stamps, you´ll get one cake for free.

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Kastanientörtchen is a new cute cafe in Prenzlauer Berg. You can design your own little cake here with different layers, creams, fruits and nuts. Not an easy decision though :)! The cake is a bomb, but so worth it!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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