Le Pirate Beach Club Lombok – An island dream on Gili Trawangan

I stayed 3 nights at Le Pirate Beach Club during my Indonesia trip. Le Pirate is a budget hotel chain (currently 3 hotels in Bali, Flores and Lombok) for the adventurous & nature loving traveller.

Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.

— Mark Twain

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan (short “Gili T”) is the biggest of the 3 Gili Islands and about 30min fast boat drive from Lombok (it is also possible to get there from the North of Bali but way longer). Me and my friend Luise arrived to Gili Trawangan after a 2-days hike to Mount Rinjani (Lombok island) and we were super exhausted with muscle ache. Arriving to the charming Gili T really was a reward.

What makes Gili T special is that it is a car-free island and the only way to move around is by foot, bike or with horses (pony cars, so called Cidomos).

The island is really beautiful with nice clear water beaches (but I have to mention that there are tides, so you can enjoy the beach only during some hours per day).

You can find many colorful & lovely decorated sunset bars (and the sunset is extremly nice), many good dining options and lots of activities (for example diving, bar-hopping or visiting the other islands by boat, outdoor cinema).

Le Pirate Beach Club

Le Pirate Beach Club (Website) is an adorable and cute resort with bungalows (up to 4 people). Each bungalow looks like out of a Robinson Crusoe movie, painted in white and turquoise, with a thatched roof, a hammock and cushions in front of the door, surrounded by palms and different pools.

The interior of the bungalows is very basic, in our case we had bunk beds, a bench, boxes for storing and that´s it. But what do you need more in paradise :)? The “bathroom” is outside, so you shower (and use the toilet) in the open.

Le Pirate Beach Club is located at the quiet end of Gili T. You will not be disturbed by any party noise (all the bars and restaurants are on the other side). We rented a bike for going out at night (15min drive).

The food at Le Pirate Beach Club was good as well with yummy healthy options such as fresh coconuts, all kind of smoothies, fruits and interesting snack options.


Le Pirate Beach Club has an own beach as well. Decorated with big cushions for sun bathing, a hammock, white sunshades and turquoise sun beds, it is the perfect place for enjoying the sun, reading, swimming or just relaxing.

I was a little bit sad to leave after 3 days only. Would have been great to spend some more days in this paradise.

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Palms, hammocks, Robinson Crusoe lookalike bungalows in white / turquoise, a relaxed beach - everything the adventure traveller´s heart needs. A super cute place and a good budget option too! Rent a bike and discover Gili T´s beauty.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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