Mädchen ohne Abitur – Nostalgic dinner in Berlin Kreuzberg

I had a lovely dinner at Mädchen ohne Abitur with my friends Bea and Petra a while ago. I am always attracted by unusual names of cafes or restaurants so the name Mädchen ohne Abitur (which can be translated to something like “girl without degree”) definitely made me curious. I discovered this restaurant in the styleguide Berlin.

Mädchen ohne Abitur

Mädchen ohne Abitur is located in Berlin Kreuzberg in Körtestraße. Together with the parallel street Fichtestraße it is a nice area of Berlin with lots of lovely cafes and restaurants. You defenitely have to check out the super cool website with a retro design that reminds me of the 90ies computer games such as Bazooka Sue (anyone remembers that one?) or Days of Tentacle (my favourite game of all times).

The design of Mädchen ohne Abitur can be described as vintage with a certain alluring note. The walls are decorated with a red retro wallpaper, lots of kitschy lamps with dimmed light and retro paintings that look like Brigitte Bardot movie scenes.

The Food

There are 3 categories in the menu: “Old girlfriends” (classics), “New girlfriends” (changing menu) or “Susis menu suggestions” (a 3-course menu is 31,5€). All dishes have funny retro names copied from old 1950ies movies such as “Endstation Sehnsucht” (the English title is “A Streetcar Named Desire”). The food is very creative with an international influence and interesting combinations. My highlight was the starter with goatcheese, carmaelized apple slices, roasted nuts and a veggie puree. So yummy!

The Mysterious Story

What makes Mädchen ohne Abitur a fascinating place is the mysterious story around it. It all started with the actress Rosita di Capri that opened the restaurant in 1956 (it was called “Ratsstuben” at that time). Rosita didn´t finish school and wanted to be a star instead. Her career as an actress was short (she only had 2 good roles) and stopped completely when she was accused to be involved in the murder of her 4th husband (the police never found evidence). She opened the restaurant and it got well-known amongst famous actors. A reason for her success might be that Rosita was very discrete on what was happening during frivolous nights in the restaurant. In 1965 Rosita mysteriously died on a trip to Papua-Neuguinea.

Surprisingly she bequeathed the restaurant to one of her bar girls named Susi. Susi – a beautiful, young but also uneducated girl – was in shock about this huge challenge but quickly addapted. She changed the name to Mädchen ohne Abitur and granted access as well as work to girls in need of help ever since. She pursued the restaurant successfully like Rosita but adding her own charme to it. She finally became a legend herself, but I don´t want to tell all the story. You should visit the restaurant to find out by yourself ;).

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Mädchen ohne Abitur is a nostalgic decorated restaurant with a fascinating story behind (don´t forget to find out how Susi became a legend!). The menu is influenced from all over the world and offers interesting and tasty combinations. Check out the cool retro website!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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