Nah am Wasser gebaut – A charming cafe for cold days in Berlin Kreuzberg

Nah am Wasser gebaut (Facebook) is a marvelous cafe in Kreuzberg situated at lovely Landwehrkanal. It has a beautiful and creative design with intimate & warm lights (perfect for feeling cosy on an uggly & cold winter day; to read a good book or have a chat with friends).

Nah am Wasser gebaut

The old and a bit shabby brick walls of Nah am Wasser gebaut add the unique – a bit dark – Kreuzberg flavour that I love so much and that is so Berlin style. There is a lot of space and you can choose your spot between many different looking wooden tables and mixed up chairs. There is a lot of artwork hanging on the walls and it´s possible to buy them as well.


The counter is made of wood and looks really stylish. You will find a large selection of cakes & drinks. I ordered a coffee and cheesecake, both were really good but not exceptional quality. The breakfast options looked promising and I would like to try them next time. To me it is more the cosy atmosphere of Nah am Wasser gebaut that makes this place special.


There are 2 swings hanging from the wall with a table in front. That´s so cool! I saw myself swinging around already but I could resist 😉 and choosed a chair instead.

For better weather days there are tables outside as well as a little cute terrace on the canal side. I will definitely come back in spring and enjoy the great view.

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A charming cafe with typical Kreuzberg atmosphere (a little dark, warm lights, shabby old brick walls). Enjoy a good book or some good company on a cold winter day.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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