NiHao Cafe Hotel – A design hotel for coffee lovers in Taipei

Taipei was a stopover for me during my trip to South Korea in November. While searching for a hotel I found the NiHao Cafe Hotel on and fell in love. After staying some nights in hostels in South Korea I wanted to reward myself with two nights in a cool place and with a room for myself.

NiHao Cafe Hotel

NiHao Cafe Hotel (Website) is a beautiful designed hotel where every detail fits together. My room had a stylish bed with two pillows hanging on the wall as decoration and for sitting comfortable in the bed. Only down part was the size of the room. I could barely find place for my backpack and also the bathroom was mini size and I had to shower almost inside the toilet :). I got rewarded with a super nice breakfast (better than European standard).


They have some breakfast options to choose from and the first day I decided for a panini with mushrooms and a caffè latte. I was in a hurry to go to 101 Taipei tower because I had a reserved ticket for 9:00 in the morning and NiHao prepared the breakfast earlier for me since normally they start later. The second day I decided for the continental breakfast and a vanilla latte. The continental breakfast included scrambeled eggs, sausage, baguette, a salad with a tasty sweet sauce and a mini joghurt with müsli. I found good company in Mr. Brown – a teddybear balloon :). Later I enjoyed the cute garden terrace with Acapulco chairs and lots of flowers – an oasis in the middle of the hectic city.

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown

What to do in Taipei?

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Hip minimalist design, a wonderful little garden terrace and a great proper breakfast & barrista coffee! What do you need more? The metro is 2 minutes walking distance and you have easy access to all attractions (only 2 stops to Taipei 101 tower). Only the size of the rooms could be bigger and the price was quiet high in comparison - I paid around 80€ per night for a single room.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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