Restaurant Louis – The biggest Schnitzel in Berlin

Restaurant Louis offers Austrian-German traditional cuisine in Rixdorf, Neukölln. It is located on beautiful Richardplatz (a lovely square). This area of Berlin makes you feel like being in a small village and not in the capital (it is called “Böhmisches Dorf” which means Bohemian village). 

Restaurant Louis

Don´t expect a fancy place when you go to Restaurant Louis (Website), it is not at all. But I like exactly that. You don`t need to call a week in advance, you don´t need to dress up, you just go. What I like the most is that the waitress already knows us and remembers what we normally order. Another “village factor” ;). Where else do you find that in Berlin?

Louis Schnitzel

The highlight is the Louis Schnitzel, a giant schnitzel that you will never be able to finish at once (even not a hungry man). But Restaurant Louis is prepared for that. Without asking you get aluminium foil after finishing your meal, so you can take the rest of the schnitzel home. I would say that you can easily save the next 2 dinners ;). The Louis Schnitzel is accompanied with fried potatoes, you will just don´t see them because they are hiding underneath the schnitzel ;). If you don´t want to eat schnitzel for 3 days in a row, I suggest you share it. My boyfriend never does though :).

I really like their meat loaf too, it tastes like my Grandma´s and comes with potatoes and red cabbage.


Although the interior is frumpy (old wooden tables, a lot of bright light, no nice decoration), the atmosphere is cosy somehow. If you see the restaurant the first time, you would think only old German people would eat there. But actually there are a lot of international guests and younger groups as well. It is easy to start a conversation here, since every Louis-newbie will be astonished when seeing the Louis Schnitzel the first time and/or will ask you what it is ;).

I almost didn´t want to share this gem with you, because I would hate to have to make reservations in the future :). I want Louis to keep remembering us as their frequent guests.

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Louis offers honest, traditional Austrian-German food and the biggest schnitzel of Berlin. If you like it fancy, this is not the place for you. But if you are searching a place, where you can always go and feel cosy, almost like at home, where the waiter remembers you? Hell yeah, Louis it is!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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