Roamers – Hot chocolate art & brunch in Berlin Neukölln

Today I spent a lovely morning at the beautiful Roamers cafe in Berlin Neukölln. I really don’t understand how I could have missed this adorable place until now! I recall that I read a few times about it, but somehow I never went. What a shame!


Roamers (Website) is located in Berlin Neukölln, a few minutes walking distance from ugly Hermannplatz, hidden in an unpretentious side street. It’s not a place that you would pass by coincidence. You really need to know about this gem.

The style

I am in love with the interior design of Roamers, it feels like being on vacation, somewhere far away from Berlin. It’s a mixture of urban jungle with lots of plants, Neukölln style with run-down walls, a hipster bar and a cosy living room. I would describe it best as “California-Cowboy-Design”. You can find an animal skull hanging over the door and there are so many little details to discover that you don’t get tired of exploring. Event the bathroom is pretty! My favourite piece is the sign “Hippies use backdoor / no exceptions”.

The staff is fitting perfectly to Roamers and it’s design as well. Each of them has a very individual, alternative look and style, with tattoos or interesting jewelry such as a silver cowboy belt-buckle. They are all very kind, talkative and make you feel welcome and home, which is not exactly what Berlin is known for ;).

Roamers offers only a few tables, so I had to wait a little bit to get a seat. I had time today, so it was no problem for me. Another girl was also waiting and we started talking. She was waiting for her friends and ended up to give me some company until they arrived. I finally got a seat at the counter and started to check out the menu.

Hot chocolate & roasted bread

It’s really hard to choose but then I decided to order a hot chocolate and a bread with beetroot, goat cheese and walnuts. I watched fascinated how my hot chocolate was prepared. The guy (I guess it’s the owner) with the pretty hands full of tattoos and a beautiful ring with a blue stone, prepared it with so much love and an eye for perfection. I can’t remember that I ever got a better looking hot chocolate and it tasted wonderful as well! Definitely one of the best hot chocolates ever!

My bread also was delicious. The goat cheese was heated in the oven and melting. The beetroot was fitting perfectly and the rosemary added an interesting, intensive touch. I will definitely copy that recipe for home :). Roamers offers a lot of other good-looking dishes as well, many of the brunch options include poached egg as well (yumm!!!).

During my meal I chatted with another girl from Ireland that was visiting Berlin for a couple of days. I had a really good time and gave her a lot of tips what to visit around!

If it wouldn’t be so busy, Roamers would definitely be one of my favourites in town. It’s not possible to make a reservation, so you gotta be lucky. But it’s worth the wait, it’s a real oasis in cold & grey Berlin!

Don’t miss to visit their Instagram page, I love the atmospheric pictures!


Hippies use backdoor 🙂

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What a beautiful and cosy place! I love the "Californian-Cowboy-Style" and the nice people here. Order the hot chocolate, a jewel for the eye and and a delicacy for the taste. You will end up chatting with the cool staff or the international guests here, which is what adds the personal touch. This is gonna be my favourite place to escape grey Berlin and dream of travelling!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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