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When I was a teenager I loved to play video adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Myst or Sherlock Holmes. My favourite games involved old creepy houses where you needed to discover every room, find objects, collect hints and solve tricky puzzles. I was spending days in front of the computer to solve the mysteries. No wonder that I am a huge fan of live escape games nowadays. Recently I played the live escape game “Sherlock Holmes” at Live Escape Game Berlin.

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Live Escape Game Berlin is located at Storkower Straße 140 close to the S-Bahn Landsberger Allee in Prenzlauer Berg. Currently you can decide between four different escape games (horror, party, kids and action) and I decided “Sherlock Holmes” (of course :))! My friends Lotti and Bea were my teammates.

First, we were asked to wait in the lounge. After a short waiting time an employee introduced us to the game and explained us what to do. We were asked to check Sherlock Holmes’ apartment. The world’s most famous detective had been disappeared and it was on us to find out where he is (or if the apartment has a secret entrance). For solving the game we had 1 hour.

Once we started the game we had to find different keys, combine hints and open locked doors. It was so much fun! We managed to get out 3 seconds before the end! Uff, it was so tight, but with some help of Live Escape Berlin, we managed to solve it. Haha! After the game you have the option to take a few nice pictures with your team and some accessories of the game (ours was in retro style in sepia colors).You get login data and can download the pics from the website. A nice memory!

By the way, it is possible to take a baby inside as long as it is carried in a baby carrier. Yeah, I like that! I took my 5 months old son with me. I am always happy to find activities that are possible to do also with a baby. My son fell asleep in the baby carrier after some minutes and he still kept sleeping while I was doing a little “stunt” during the game. I cannot reveal any secrets, be surprised. But don’t worry, the game is suitable for the whole family. I would love to play also the other games!

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the 4 games of Live Escape Berlin. It's so much fun and suitable for the whole family (up to 5 players, babies are allowed too if carried). You have 1 hour to find the world's most famous detective in his apartment.

— Stefanie Pacelli
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