My favorite 3 beaches in Lanzarote

I just returned from my Lanzarote trip with my father. We spent a week there and discovered the island with a rental car. I expected to find only black sand beaches since Lanzarote is a volcanic island. It turned out I was wrong. I found of couple of beautiful white sand beaches with the most lovely turquoise water! Here is my top 3 selection of Lanzarote´s beaches:

Top 3 Beaches Lanzarote

1. Dorada Beach (Playa Blanca)

Dorada Beach is a located in the pretty coastal town of Playa Blanca (south of Lanzarote). It´s touristic (since its just on the promenade) but not overcrowded. The water is crystal clear and looks almost like pool water. The water color is finest turquoise – almost Caribbean style! The waves were not too strong, just perfect for bathing. Definitely Dorada Beach was my number 1, in terms of accessibility, water quality and color.

Have a walk on the promenade and get some ice cream in one of the plenty cafes. There are a lot of shops too, if you fancy some shopping (I can recommend the shopping center in the harbor as well. It´s an about 10min walk from the Dorada Beach).

Playa Dorada Lanzarote

2. Papagayo Beach

Papagayo Beach is a hidden gem in the south of Lanzarote. First of all, it´s tricky to get here by car, since the road is really difficult to drive (only sand and rocks for more than 6 km). Therefore drive carefully (especially if you come with a rental car be prepared that your car can get dirty because of the dust). You have to pay 3€ if you enter the protected area by car (it´s a natural preserve). Don´t get nervous of the local drivers (they drive adventurous).

There are a few beaches in the area. Follow the signs for “Papagayo Beach”. It´s the most beautiful one in my opinion. The beach itself is located in a bay with calm water (no waves) and surrounded by rocks. The water quality and the color is amazing! You can find many local people here on the weekend and it can get a bit crowded.

There is a nice beach bar on the rock with turquoise and white interior. Have a sundowner after your beach day or simply enjoy some snacks.

Papagayo Beach Lanzarote

3. Playa de Famara

Playa de Famara is situated in the northwest of the island. It´s a sufer hotspot since there are lots of waves here (almost a little bit tricky for swimming). The landscape is beautiful, surrounded by rocks and mountains. In the distance you can see the island La Graciosa already.

The beach is really long, so there is plenty of space for everyone. If you are sensitive with the sun, bring a sun umbrella. The sun can get pretty strong (and there is no shade nor rental facilities). Also, it is recommend to bring some drinks and food since there is no beach bar (only in the next town).

You can easily combine a beach day here with visiting the lovely little city of Teguise. Take a coffee on the square and visit some of the local shops.

Famara Beach Lanzarote

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