Coffe Guide: My top 3 rated Cappuccino in Berlin Mitte

I can’t function without my daily coffee and I like to drink it in a cafe and not at home. It’s this one little moment of the day that I love to celebrate, my perfect way to start the day or my reward. Usually I am taking a Cappuccino (in summer also as iced version). Luckily in Berlin Mitte there are so many options for excellent coffee. I believe I have tested all cafes in Berlin Mitte and after a while I found my few regulars. It was actually not that easy to choose the top 3 (I might add some more in the future) since there is a lot competition. Here is my current selection:

My top 3 Cappuccino places in Berlin Mitte


You can usually find me once or twice a week at espresso-ambulanz (located at S- and U-Bahn Oranienburger Tor). A laid-back atmosphere, relaxed and good music and super friendly staff make me feel at home. The comfy brown leather couch in the back is my favourite place (and I have space for my baby there too) or in summer I sit on the benches outside. The interior of espresso-ambulanz is simple, with a little retro touch such as the old green cosy armchairs. I really like the huge painting of a women above the leather sofa.

The Cappuccino is just exactly right as is the price compared to other places in Mitte (2,2 € for a small and 2,9 € for a big Cappuccino). Most of the times I can’t resist to order one of the delicious mini brownies as a side with my coffee. In my opinion the ones with dark chocolate on top are the best.

Espresso-ambulanz offers a bonus card and you get a stamp with each coffee. After 6 stamps you can choose a coffee of your choice for free. I love that!

Address: Oranienburgerstr. 51, 10115 Berlin


Me and my husband often come here during the week after lunch or for a coffee & cake on the weekend. Röststätte is located in a side street of Torstraße, not far away from Rosenthaler Platz. This coffee heaven is a combination of a shop (they sell high-end coffee machines), coffee roastery and cafe.

I am in love with the interior design of Röststätte. I would like to have these beautiful little hanging glas lamps for home! The green wall colour fits very well with the patterned tiles (it reminds my Valencia) and the otherwise minimalist style. Another eyecatcher are the nice ceramic plate (ahh, I also want them for home!).

When it comes to the Cappuccino, well the coffee is hand roasted and and you really taste the difference. Just so perfect. No wonder that a “normal” Cappuccino just doesn’t satisfy me anymore… Once you get used to good coffee it’s hard to make compromises. The cakes are delicious too, especially the tartes (try the dark chocolate one).

During the weekend (and even during the week) it can get crowded and it’s hard to find a place outside, especially on the outside tables. But it’s worth a little wait.

To all parents: It’s not allowed to take a buggy inside. I usually lock mine in front of the shop (so I can still see it and don’t have to take all my stuff with me) or I use a baby carriage.

Address: Ackerstraße 173, 10115 Berlin

19grams Chaussee

19grams Chaussee is just around the corner of my house and therefore I am a regular guest :). The staff is very friendly but usually only speaks English. “Bloody good coffee” is the motto and they take that pretty serious!The Cappuccino is mild and just tastes exactly right. 19grams coffee is self-roasted and very very good! I have a friend in Potsdam that always buys freshly grinded coffee beans here.

I heard and read a few times already that the brunch is pretty good, but I haven’t tried it (yet). I will report!

There is another 19grams in Kreuzberg (19grams Schlesi) and another one is about to open in Alexanderplatz.

Address: Chausseestraße 36, 10115 Berlin

Which one is your favourite coffee place in Berlin Mitte?

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