ZUKA Dessertkultur – Sweet treats in Berlin Charlottenburg

During the next weeks my plan is to discover some areas of Berlin that I normally don’t visit so often. I want to get to know some new cafes and restaurants or just enjoy a nice winter walk. Whenever I read something interesting about new openings or foodie tips in different blogs, Instagram or newsletters, I save a screenshot and organise these in a folder on my laptop later. Uff, my to-do list is already very long :). How do you save these kind of to-do lists? However, I rechecked my folder recently and decided to try the cafe ZUKA this weekHere is my report:

Zuka Dessertkultur

ZUKA Dessertkultur (Website) is a cafe in Berlin Charlottenburg located about 10 minutes walking from Kurfürstendamm.

The interior of ZUKA is modern with plenty of seats and one big wooden table in the middle. There is WIFI, so it’s possible to work there. It’s a calm place with a nice and friendly atmosphere.

In my opinion the real highlight of the ZUKA is not the interior, it’s their pastries and sweets. It was hard for me to choose something since all just looks amazing. There is wide range of tarts, eclairs, macarons, a few “normal” cakes and some salty snacks as well. Every pastry appears like a little piece of art and you can truly see that it’s made with love. Almost a pity to eat them, honestly. Some of the ingredients are classic, others are creative or unusual such as a sesam-apricot-eclair. For sure the presentation of all of them is wonderful.

In the end I decided for a little hibiscus tart with a chocolate base (similar to “Sacher” cake), yoghurt and a hibiscus glazing. The tart was decorated with a little purple flower (that I didn’t eat because I was not sure if it’s actually eatable). I ordered a cappuccino as well which was decent and not pricey for the amount of coffee (2,6€).

Prices for the ZUKA pastries and tarts are above average (~ around 5€) but totally worth, especially for their quality.

If you are looking for a nice place to impress a friend, visitors or your parents, this is the place :). I will definitely be back!

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Zuka is a modern cafe in Berlin Charlottenburg that offers a wide range of mouth-watering pastries and sweets. They all look like little artworks. It's hard to decide. Be warned - you will have to come back for more!

— Stefanie Pacelli
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